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The buildup of dryer lint in your dryer vent can cause serious problems. Dryers are the number one household appliance that causes house fires every year.

When we dry our clothes small fibers come off of them and some are caught on the lint screen. The thing is, the lint screen only catches some of the lint.

Where does the rest of the lint go? These fibers go through the air system until they are either blown out of the house or land inside of the vent.

The lint starts to cluster at certain places inside the vent and build up forming restrictions on the air flowAny reduction in the airflow causes exhaust gases to back up. As this happens our dryers start to work harder to get the clothes dry.

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Did you know that just one dryer cycle adds an additional .70 cents onto your energy bill? Think about how many times you have to keep drying your clothes just for them to work at its full potential.

There are only two options when a dryer overheats. The dryer malfunctions and needs to be repaired or the lint gets ignited.

When a dryer has to work harder, guess what that means? It means more money out of your pocket.

The latter of the two outcomes is the more serious outcome of the two.

Cleaning Our Dryer Vents

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Cleaning our dryer vents is absolutely necessary. It is recommended that you have your vents checked every six months for blockage and cleaned out at least once annually.

The benefits of having an annual cleaning outweigh the price of home fires and high energy bills. Give Air Duct Cleaning Tomball a call today! We offer affordable pricing and service you can trust!